Giving you more freedom...

Fongo Wireless

Connect all of your devices, from security systems to eReaders, tablets to toasters, and roadsters to robots.

Fongo Wireless brings you flexible LTE plans to keep all of your world connected, all on one of Canada’s largest and most reliable LTE networks. Combine a plan with the Fongo Mobile App and take your messaging and calling application beyond your WiFi network!

Our LTE Plans

2 GB Monthly

What you could do...

  • Light surfing on a tablet device
  • Home security backup connection
  • Low bandwidth applications & home automation


5 GB Monthly

What you could do...

  • Check your home security cameras
  • Take your laptop on the road
  • Backup your important photos on your camera


No Surprises!

We will never charge you for overages. Once you reach your plan limit, your data plan will be capped for the month.

Need a little more? You can always purchase a top up from our online shop!

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Connecting All of Your Devices

Cars, Cameras
& Robots

& Portable Devices

Home Security

Smart Homes
& Appliances

The Perfect Combination

Give your Fongo Mobile or Fongo Works services even more freedom by connecting them to Fongo Wireless’ extensive LTE network. The Fongo Mobile App allows you free calling anywhere in Canada from your wireless tablet or device, and includes free SMS messaging when combined with a Fongo Wireless plan. And let Fongo Works take your small business to the next level by integrating amazing features like automated receptionists, conference calling, and much more!

Fongo Mobile & Fongo Works use approximately 0.5MB of data per minute of calling.

Fongo Mobile

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Fongo Works

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